Dr Tias Muurlink

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Dr Tias Muurlink

Tias Muurlink

Stella Stud is honored to have specialist equine surgeon Dr Tias Muurlink and his staff as our veterinary support team for equine reproduction and general 'on-farm' care.

We believe Tias is one of Australia's leading veterinary specialists, with the knowledge and industry experience to offer the best of care to our Stella horses.

Tias Muurlink Pty Ltd is a specialist equine practice based in Warwick, South East Queensland.

The practice has a focus on surgery and lameness, however it also provides extensive general and reproductive equine services.

Headed by Dr Tias Muurlink, a Fellow in Equine Surgery and Assistant Chief Examiner on the Board of Examiners of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists (ANZCVS), the practice provides surgical support to individual clients, such as Stella Stud, as well as consultancy services to other veterinary practices.

Tias graduated from the University of Queensland, and has served as Head of the Equine Centre at the University of Melbourne for eight years. This equine centre boasts the largest contingent of veterinary specialists in Australia (www.equinecentre.unimelb.edu.au/).

More recently, he also worked at the Equine Hospital of the University of Queensland Veterinary Medical Centre as a specialist surgeon (www.uq.edu.au/vetschool/equinehospital).

Tias has extensive experience in private practice and more latterly in teaching hospitals. He is involved in teaching and supervision of undergraduate and post graduate students and residents, and has also examined in Equine Surgery at membership and fellowship level.

Tias is very ably supported in his current practice by his two experienced and qualified veterinary nurses Chaylee and Sandy, while Rita and Skye give administrative support.

M A (Tias) Muurlink BVSc (Hons) FACVSc

Veterinary Surgeon
Registered Specialist in Equine Surgery

185 Bracker Road
Warwick QLD 4370

P: +61 7 4667 1176
F: + 61 7 4667 1174
M: +61 438 791 804


Dr Tias Muurlink

Dr Tias Muurlink

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