Fond Farewell to Glen Lee Dan Raven

Testimonial from Sarah Campbell

Fond Farewell to Glen Lee Dan Raven

Bobby Many years ago before the birth of Stella Stud, we purchased Bobby sight-unseen from Wayne Brown near Sydney. Wayne owned Bobby for over ten years and commented that he is a once in a lifetime horse who willingly gave him ‘everything’ during their time together.

Wayne and Bobby enjoyed over ten years of Parelli training, which helped to develop this horse into the incredible human companion that he is today. It was this very horse that so impressed me that I decided to venture away from modern dressage training into horsemanship methods combining the classical dressage techniques of the Masters.

Using these ground and ridden skills, we have been able to positively impact on horses from many disciplines by offering them a better deal. This includes young Warmbloods started with too much pressure, over-faced racehorses off the track, children's ponies and Galloway's who ended up at the local sales as unrideable projects, and the list goes on.

Even as an older horse, Bobby continues to work his miracles by helping to indirectly improve the lives of many horses. When he reached 17 years, it was too demanding for him to continue working for several hours each day helping Wayne to start numerous young horses under saddle, so a new future was sought.

We were very fortunate to purchase Bobby from Wayne and bought him to Millbrook Farm to enjoy his semi-retirement as a pleasure horse.

While with us, Bobby taught several very young children to ride bareback and to feel the joy of their first canter on the lunge. He was ridden as a parade horse in the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers; a true testament to any horses’ temperament. He taught us to work in harmony with cattle and how to compete in Team Penning with style and savvy, as well as enjoy miles of open roads, mountainous scenery and trips to the famous Nobby Pub for lunch.

Bobby ran with our stud mares and loved his role as their Casanova as much as they loved him being there. Later when our foals were weaned, he became an Uncle to them once their mothers were moved to a close-by paddock across the laneway. This helped our weanlings to enjoy a smooth transition without stress and anxiety.

Now Bobby lives with the beautiful Campbell family in NSW where he continues to be adored. Here is what Sarah has to say about this very special black horse:

Jack & Bobby In 2013, I was looking for a quiet horse that both myself and my beginner children could ride.

As a child I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to ride and also had amazing memories with my horses. I wanted to give my children that same opportunity and the responsibility to care for such a wonderful animal.

After having children I found I lacked the confidence that I once had with horses and, after looking for some time, I came across an advertisement for ‘Bobby’, a beautiful black 23yo registered Australian Stock Horse.

I had to meet this horse and after lengthy but wonderful phone calls speaking with Peta about Bobby and our own experiences and stories with horses, I decided to make the journey to Clifton QLD to meet Peta and her horse.

After meeting Peta it was clear that she had an amazing ability to interact with horses and I found her knowledge and love for horses to be inspiring.

Peta is so passionate and caring towards her horses and animals. She inspires me to learn more and with her encouragement and knowledge I find that I have developed a greater confidence in myself and my relationship with horses.

Bobby was exactly the horse Peta had described; quiet, safe, a real gentlemen and an old soul.

When we first visited Peta, myself and my two eldest children, Lucy (7 years) and Jack (4 years), rode Bobby around the round yard bareback in a rope halter, as well as under saddle. He had a smooth canter, a great stop and felt brilliant!

He soon became the newest member of our family and came to live with us on our farm. I couldn't have asked for a better horse to rebuild my confidence and to help teach my children to ride.

Myself, the kids and even my husband have built a lovely relationship with Bobby and we thank Peta for her love, ongoing support and friendship in our journey with Bobby.

Sarah Campbell
New South Wales, Australia

Stella Stud is delighted that Bobby has found a loving forever home with Sarah Campbell and her family. Sarah is a genuine person who is committed to providing Bobby with a comfortable semi-retirement, where he enjoys the best of care including bareback rides with the children on a regular basis. Sarah also pleasure rides Bobby around their farm to check fence lines and water troughs, which they both enjoy immensely.

ASHS Pedigree for Glen Lee Dan Raven (Bobby) - Born in October 1991 ASHS Pedigree

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