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Peter Brophy Saddles

Peter Brophy Custom Saddle With over 20 years experience in saddle fitting, designing specialised saddles, saddle trees, bridles, breastplates, rear cinches and saddle bags, Peter Brophy is the expert to seek out for all your saddlery needs.

Peter began manufacturing quality saddles and tack in a small town outside of Brisbane. A lot has changed in 20 years, but what hasn't is the pride, craftsmanship, and quality built into each saddle and the commitment to make it even better tomorrow.

He makes saddles for many disciplines. Western dressage, cowboy dressage, showing, reining, trail riding, team penning, cutting, roping, barrel racing, and stock work saddles of many designs give riders several choices to meet their needs.

Saddles and tack are made from the finest leathers available in the industry. Hardware, silver trim and finishes are of the highest quality and imported from abroad if required.

Peter is an experienced craftsmen who builds each saddle with the same care found in Peter Brophy products from the beginning.

Today, Peter Brophy Saddles is one of Australia's leading saddle brands and continues to produce high quality saddles and tack with the heritage and tradition the business was founded on.

Establishing this with stylish and innovative products, Peter Brophy Saddle products reflect the current trends in design and that are ahead of the industry in technology.

To book a consultation about your new Peter Brophy Saddle please call Peter now on 0421 233 054 or visit the website at

Peter Brophy Custom Saddle This is what we at Stella Stud have to say about our wonderful experience with Peter Brophy Saddles:

On a visit to one of the 2011 Australian Natural Horsemanship courses in Esk, Peter & Thip Brophy and I sat down for what seemed like a couple of hours going over every intricate detail of what I wanted in my new custom saddle (picture left).

Peter was so helpful in explaining how everything fitted together. Using great photographs and drawings, he showed me the many options I could have regarding the overall design to suit my body shape, as well as all of the amazing leather stamping patterns. No stone was left unturned!

Peter & Thip even drove for several hours to my farm on the Darling Downs to fit the tree to my horses before the saddle was built to ensure it was the perfect fit.

Peter Brophy Custom Saddle The attention to detail is outstanding! I doubt there would be many other saddle makers in Australia who have this level of craftsmanship. I love this saddle. My horses feel so comfortable when we ride together. They are more uphill and their paces feel relaxed. We also choose to ride more regularly in our Brophy saddle than the dressage saddle, given the wide surface area it covers on our horses' backs.

Peter Brophy Custom Bridle Peter & Thip also made me a matching bridle, breastplate, rear cinch and saddle bags, the latter being just perfect to pack a picnic lunch during our mountain rides.

I feel very privileged to ride in such a gorgeous saddle. The whole package fits together so well, that even Buck Brannaman commented on the quality of the ensemble during his visit to Australia in 2014!

Thank you to Peter & Thip for all of their amazing work. They are true professionals!

Jilliby Jedi

Jilliby Jedi

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