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Kinnordy Rameau

Kinnordy Rameau

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Arnage Amour

Arnage Amour

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General Terms & Conditions of Sale

Price Categories

  • S (up to) AUD $25,000
  • M (up to) AUD $50,000
  • L (up to) AUD $75,000
  • XL (up to) AUD $100,000
  • XXL AUD $100,000+
  • (All Prices Plus GST)

Human-Equine Relationship

The Buyer agrees to maintain the Horse in good health with regard to correct nutrition, shelter, hoof care, dental maintenance, rugging, deworming and vaccinations as required. The Horse will be handled and ridden at all times using respectful horsemanship practices to ensure their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

Stud Prefix & Registered Name

For Horses named with the stud prefix ‘Stella’, the buyer must retain the prefix and the full registered name of the Horse in relation to all registrations, events and competitions as well as dealings with the Horse. The Buyer must bind any subsequent purchaser of the Horse in the same manner to this clause, which will be ongoing for the life of the Horse.

Change of Ownership

Transfer of Horse Ownership with the Hanoverian Horse Society of Australia passes from Stella Stud to the Buyer on payment of the Price and all other money due and payable by the Buyer to Stella Stud in relation to the Horse. Sold Horses will only be available to depart from Stella Stud after full payment has been received.