Gymnastik Star

Gymnastik Star

Glueckspilz - Calypso 11 - Werther


Gymnastik Star was originally chosen by the late Holger Schmorl of Kinnordy Stud as the 'jewel in the crown' for his Australian-based Hanoverian breeding program.

Purchased from Germany, Gymnastik Star was imported into Australia as a young horse where he quickly established himself as one of the most successful producers of elite sport horses in the country's history - testimony to Holger's foresight as a professional breeder.

Gymnastik Star became the ultimate dual-purpose sire for breeding dressage horses, eventers and showjumpers with temperament, type and trainability (refer results below).

His unique pedigree features a sex-balancing within the first four generations of the internationally successful stallions Gotthard and Wendekreis, as well as the refinement and elasticity enhancing abilities of the great Cor de le Bryere and the reliability of the highly regarded Werther.

Gymnastik Star's breathtaking movement, rideability and outstanding willingness as a riding horse, combined with his huge jump, resulted in scoring 8s and 9s in the major criteria and culminated in a Performance Class 1 Status and the Premium Stallion Award in his Stallion Performance Test in Germany – 4th of 33 stallions.

He is a superb representative of the Hanoverian brand and his high number of successful progeny are excellent ambassadors of the Olympic equestrian disciplines. They are easy to recognize with their magnificent types, elastic movements, and captivating personalities combined with their jumping brilliance.

Gymnastik Star sadly passed away in January 2016. However, we are fortunate to have his frozen semen available to use within our breeding program.

An example of Gymnastik Star's successful progeny include:


Grand Prix
Gymstar One, Kinnordy Glogau, Good As Gold, and Kinnordy Gera.

Kinnordy Gallium and Kinnordy Gyron.

Prix St George
Kinnordy Gym, Kinnordy Gambado, and Giusto MH.

Kinnordy Gyps, Kinnordy Galanthus, Rosari Guest Star, and Kinnordy Girolamo.

Kinnordy Go Girl and Grunelius Legacy.

Kinnordy Guidditch and Kinnordy Garod.


Kinnordy Galera
1st CNC** Warwick Horse Trials 2009; 1st CNC** Kooralbyn Eventing 2009; 1st CIC** NSW State Eventing Championships 2009; 2nd CCI** Lakes & Craters Camperdown 2009;1st CCI* Sydney International 3DE 2008.

Kinnordy Gatow
1st CIC*** Perth International 3DE 2015; 4th CNC** Gidgegannup 2015; 4th CCI*** Sydney International Horse Trials 2015; 2nd CCI*** Wooroloo International 3DE 2014.

Kinnordy Godehard
2nd CNC** Camden Horse Trials 2008; Placed 7th (57 starters) at first International start CCI** Tattersalls Ireland 2008; Sold to France.

Goolcoola Montage
7th CCI* Melbourne International 3DE 2011; 1st CIC* Sydney International Weekend of World Cups 2011; 4th CNC* Midwestern Horse Trials 2011; 5th CNC* Scone Horse Trials 2010; 2nd Open Event Horse Challenge at Sydney Royal 2010.

Kinnordy Gambia
2nd CNC** Warwick 2015; 10th CIC**** Australian International 3DE Adelaide 2014; 2nd CNC*** Warwick ODE 2014; 1st CIC*** QLD International 3DE 2014; 11th CCI*** Sydney International Eventing 2013; 6th CNC** Kooralbyn ODE 2012; 2nd CNC*** Warwick ODE 2012; 10th CCI** Adelaide International 3DE 2011; 4th CIC** QLD International 3DE Warwick 2011; 1st CNC** Toowoomba ODE 2011.

Kinnordy Gigi
4th CNC** Dryandra ODE 2012; 6th CCI** Swan River Horse Trials 2012; 1st Perth International 3DE 2012.


Cosmorex Coffee Latte
2nd Medium Tour and 4th Large Tour (1.40m) Showjumping at International Dressage & Showjumping Festival, Verden, Germany 2015.

Emcee (Kinnordy) Gwynedd
9th Mini Grand Prix (25 starters) at Gatton World Cup 2015.

Kinnordy Giuliani
2nd 1.30m and 2nd in Grand Prix, Bega Showjumping Cup 2014; 2nd Open Grand Prix, Canberra Classics Showjumping 2014; 5th Young Riders Jumping Contest, Sydney Royal Easter Show 2014; 2nd 1.40m NSW Country Showjumping Championships 2014.


Registered Name: Gymnastik Star

Stable Name: Gym Star

Birth Date: 01-05-1993

Birth Land: Germany

Height: 168cm (16.2hh)

Colour: Dark Brown

Gender: Stallion

XX/OX Rate: 24.41%

This is the approximate percentage of Thoroughbred/Arab blood in the pedigree of the horse; calculated over the last nine generations only (Horsetelex).

Inbreeding Coefficient: 1.75%

The Inbreeding Coefficient (F) is calculated over nine generations where 0.0% is no inbreeding, 0.0% - 1.2% is relatively low inbreeding, 1.2% - 3.3% is relatively high inbreeding, and >3.3% is relatively very high inbreeding. The average F for sport horses in the Olympic disciplines is estimated to be 1.2%, with the standard deviation being approximately 2.1% (Horsetelex).

Predisposition: Dressage / Eventing / Show Jumping

Sire:Glueckspilz (HANN)

Dam:Creasy (HANN)

Dam Sire:Calypso II (HOLST)

Dam's Dam Sire:Werther (HANN)

Life Number: 311350893

Studbook: Hanoverian

Breeding Approval: Hanoverian

Breed Awards: Premium Stallion

Breeder: Franz Bormann, Germany

Owner: Stella Stud, Australia

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