Kinnordy Walideh

Kinnordy Walideh

Winterköenig - Head Over Heels xx - Rascolink xx


PrM Kinnordy Walideh is from the Fast Khan xx family and is half-sister to international jumping sensation KS Genoa (Peter McMahon) who qualified for the Australian Olympic Team in 2008.

She is also half-sister to Kinnordy Dora, dam of the Advanced dressage horse Kinnordy Gym (Betty Brown, NZ), the stunning young dressage horse Kinnordy Garod (Final DWTS, Ebony-Lee Holz) and other promising young progeny.

She has dreamlike looks and the softest temperament.


Registered Name: PrM Kinnordy Walideh

Stable Name: Walideh

Birth Date: 18-11-1998

Birth Land: Australia

Height: 165 cm / 16.1 hh

Colour: Black

Gender: Stud Mare

XX/OX Rate: 65.43%

This is the approximate percentage of Thoroughbred/Arab blood in the pedigree of the horse; calculated over the last nine generations only (Horsetelex).

Inbreeding Coefficient: 0.00%

The Inbreeding Coefficient (F) is calculated over nine generations where 0.0% is no inbreeding, 0.0% - 1.2% is relatively low inbreeding, 1.2% - 3.3% is relatively high inbreeding, and >3.3% is relatively very high inbreeding. The average F for sport horses in the Olympic disciplines is estimated to be 1.2%, with the standard deviation being approximately 2.1% (Horsetelex).

Predisposition: Dressage / Eventing

Sire:Winterköenig (HANN) (Imp)

Dam:Fast Khan (AUS) xx

Dam Sire:Head Over Heels (FR) xx

Dam's Dam Sire:Rascolink (GB) xx

Life Number: 01-0219-998

Studbook: Hanoverian

Breed Awards: Premium Mare

Breeder: Kinnordy Stud, Australia

Owner: Stella Stud, Australia

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  • Winterköenig (HANN) (Imp)
  • Fast Khan (AUS) xx
  • Woermann (HANN)
  • Pik Dame (HANN)
  • Head Over Heels (FR) xx
  • City Of Flowers (AUS) xx
  • Woehler (HANN)
  • Mandat (HANN)
  • Pik Koenig (HANN)
  • Wolgalady (HANN)
  • Baldric II (USA) xx
  • Fall In Love (USA) xx
  • Rascolink (GB) xx
  • Capital City (AUS) xx
  • Fluegeladjutant (HANN)
  • Marabou (GER) xx
  • Pik As (GER) xx
  • Wolfsberg (HANN)
  • Round Table (USA) xx
  • Swaps (USA) xx
  • Reliance II (FR) xx
  • Grey Seas (GB) xx