Kinnordy Weda

Kinnordy Weda

Winterköenig - Daktylus - Head Over Heels xx


PrM Kinnordy Weda is an exceptional mare who needs little introduction.

She as the dam of many highly successful Hanoverians and comes from a family of national and international winners in dressage, eventing and showjumping.

PrM Kinnordy Weda was crowned the Premium Hanoverian Mare of Australia in 2001.

Her dam, Kinnordy Dora, produced several performance horses, including the Advanced horse Kinnordy Gym, as well as young event horses.

Her grand dam is Fast Khan xx, the dam of KS Genoa, Olympic Showjumping team member, Hong Kong 2008, the FEI dressage stallion, Gershwin E, and other performing horses in dressage, showjumping and eventing.

PrM Kinnordy Weda is the dam of a Medium dressage horse, Kinnordy Gamlin , and young event horse Kinnordy Dorado.


Registered Name: PrM Kinnordy Weda

Stable Name: Weda

Birth Date: 12-10-1997

Birth Land: Australia

Height: 172 cm / 16.3½ hh

Colour: Chestnut

Gender: Stud Mare

XX/OX Rate: 47.85%

This is the approximate percentage of Thoroughbred/Arab blood in the pedigree of the horse; calculated over the last nine generations only (Horsetelex).

Inbreeding Coefficient: 0.23%

The Inbreeding Coefficient (F) is calculated over nine generations where 0.0% is no inbreeding, 0.0% - 1.2% is relatively low inbreeding, 1.2% - 3.3% is relatively high inbreeding, and >3.3% is relatively very high inbreeding. The average F for sport horses in the Olympic disciplines is estimated to be 1.2%, with the standard deviation being approximately 2.1% (Horsetelex).

Predisposition: Dressage / Eventing

Sire:Winterköenig (HANN) (Imp)

Dam:Kinnordy Dora (HANN)

Dam Sire:Daktylus (HANN) (Imp)

Dam's Dam Sire:Head Over Heels (FR) xx

Life Number: 01-0187-997

Studbook: Hanoverian

Breed Awards: Australian Hanoverian Champion 3 Year Old Mare (2001)

Breeder: Kinnordy Stud, Australia

Owner: Stella Stud, Australia

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  • Winterköenig (HANN) (Imp)
  • Kinnordy Dora (HANN)
  • Woermann (HANN)
  • Pik Dame (HANN)
  • Daktylus (HANN) (Imp)
  • Fast Khan (AUS) xx
  • Woehler (HANN)
  • Mandat (HANN)
  • Pik Koenig (HANN)
  • Wolgalady (HANN)
  • Diskus (HANN)
  • Abeba (HANN)
  • Head Over Heels (FR) xx
  • City Of Flowers (AUS) xx
  • Fluegeladjutant (HANN)
  • Marabou (GER) xx
  • Pik As (GER) xx
  • Wolfsburg (HANN)
  • Domspatz (HANN)
  • Absatz (HANN)
  • Baldric (USA) xx
  • Rascolink (GB) xx