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What more can be said about Weltmeyer? He is a legend who almost single-handedly reshaped the Hanoverian breed.

Weltmeyer was the 1986 winner of the stallion licensing in Verden and the 1987 winner of the stallion performance test in Adelheidsdorf.

In the same year Weltmeyer also won the three-year-old stallions classification at the Federal Championships of German Riding Horses in Warendorf.

In 1988 he was honored in Verden as best stallion of his age-group and awarded with the prestigious "Freiherr von Stenglin-Prize".

One year later he became DLG Champion 1989 in Frankfurt.

And last but not least he became "Hanoverian Stallion of the Year" in 1998.

Weltmeyer produced 70 licensed sons, all of them are excellent stallions.

A study of the pedigrees of many internationally prominent Hanoverian dressage horses reveals that many are either by sons of Weltmeyer or out of one of his daughters.

At the 2002 Ratje Niebuhr-Show, Weltmeyer was the leading sire. Out of 51 mares which placed first through third in 17 classes, Weltmeyer sired eight, including champion SPS Wiami and and reserve champion Wicke.

Overall, his blood was present in one third of all the mares, from between 25% to 50% respectively.

When it comes to capacity for dressage and the temperament necessary for a top competitor, this stallion simply cannot be beaten.

In 2005, Weltmeyer received a Breeding Value Index of 152 points, with an assurance of 99% heritability, from the German Equestrian Federation.

Weltmeyer's paternal grandfather, Woerman, is also the sire of the stallion Winterkoenig (dec) who was imported from Germany by Kinnordy Stud in Australia.

Winterkoenig made a significantly positive impact on Australian breeding by producing some quite outstanding horses.

The foundation mares of Stella Stud, Elite PrM Kinnordy Gala, PrM Kinnordy Weda and PrM Kinnordy Walideh, share the pedigrees of these elite performance families.


Registered Name: Weltmeyer

Birth Date: 14-02-1984

Birth Land: Germany

Height: 166 cm / 16.1 1/2 hh

Colour: Chestnut

Gender: Stallion

XX/OX Rate: 27.15%

This is the approximate percentage of Thoroughbred/Arab blood in the pedigree of the horse; calculated over the last nine generations only (Horsetelex).

Inbreeding Coefficient: 0.90%

The Inbreeding Coefficient (F) is calculated over nine generations where 0.0% is no inbreeding, 0.0% - 1.2% is relatively low inbreeding, 1.2% - 3.3% is relatively high inbreeding, and >3.3% is relatively very high inbreeding. The average F for sport horses in the Olympic disciplines is estimated to be 1.2%, with the standard deviation being approximately 2.1% (Horsetelex).

Predisposition: Dressage

Sire:World Cup I (HANN)

Dam:St.Pr.St. Anka (HANN)

Dam Sire:Absatz (HANN)

Dam's Dam Sire:Adorno (HANN)

Life Number: DE 331314403584

Studbook: Hanoverian

Breed Awards: Hanoverian Stallion of the Year 1998

Breeder: Hermann Meyer, Germany

Breeding Station: Landgestüt Celle, Germany

Owner: Landgestüt Celle, Germany

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  • World Cup I (HANN)
  • St.Pr.St. Anka (HANN)
  • Woermann (HANN)
  • St.Pr.St. Sendernixe (HANN)
  • Absatz (HANN)
  • St.Pr.St. Adelsbuch (HANN)
  • Woehler (HANN)
  • Mandat (HANN)
  • Sender (HANN)
  • Lunenixe (HANN)
  • Abglanz (TRAK)
  • Landmoor (HANN)
  • Adorno (HANN)
  • Domposie (HANN)
  • Fluegeladjutant (HANN)
  • Marabou (GER) xx
  • Senator (HANN)
  • Lugano I (HANN)
  • Termit (TRAK)
  • Landeck (HANN)
  • Adlerschild (GER) xx
  • Dominik (HANN)